A drizzle day

basement sortedBreak out the bubbly, we’ve had our first rain in a month.  Well, I wouldn’t boast and call it rain. It’s drizzle. And I know I’ll be disappointed when I go the rain gauge tomorrow morning.

But light drizzle is better than standing for hours on end with a hose. And it will help the germination of the grass seed no end.

Sadly I was confined indoors after the morning flourish. And was even forced to do Useful Indoor Chores like re arrange the boxes in the basement.

How sad is that? Well, as Dad would say, my halo is shining brightly.  And it is a relief to know that I will now be able to put my hands on the right sized screw, the appropriate plumbing part and I even know where the hatchet is buried. That will be in the box marked Tools.