Well, it has been quite a week

In order of importance? There is so much to choose.

I was glued a bit to the UK parliamentary voting scene. Three nights in a row.

Absolute scenes. Not a lot of them good.

The anxiety of assembling the docs.

The permanent residence card?


That’s me worried about the throng of supplicants at the gates of the Service Etrangères and arriving half an hour early. And then standing round looking stupid.

And emerging a whopping two hours later with an amazing receipt.

Now it’s not the done deal. I have to get the actual ten year card in my shaking hands. But it’s progress.

What wasn’t much fun was paying for that pastry twice. Once when I bought it at a very empty patisserie in the centre of the capital.  I should have Heeded the Omens.

And next in the terms of the food poisoning the next day. Oh yes, French pastries look gorgeous and I loved every single bite.  At the time.  But just how long do they sit looking gorgeous in the refrigerator cabinets in towns which frankly do not run to excess cash in the form of lashing out on sweet treats?

But this is a gardening blog. So you know the answer to the big question of what was the most momentous event this week?

Drum roll, please.

Found! One in the pocket of my Barbour jacket which I had stupidly actually hung up and shoved in the hall cupboard. What was I thinking?

And the other was found deep in the grass of the duck pond sitting patiently, waiting for me to find them. I’m frankly amazed I did.

So there is a lot to be grateful for. The flowering peaches down in the Eyrieux valley (a sea of pink to make the heart sing). The one step towards being a French resident. The gorgeous sight of my two pairs of secateurs lined up on the potting shed bench again…  we’ll just put that food poisoning day down to experience.

Next week. Dahlias.