Tucked up and tidy

Very, very pleased with this.

It looks like I have squished chocolate brownies onto the landscape.

No it doesn’t. I’m just snacking on small bites of brownies as I type, so it is obviously the image I grasped.

This 17 bed potager ate up (sorry) 30 sacks of compost.  I could have done it in 29, but 30 felt right so I could do the kiwi vines at the back of the potager as well.

Naturally I could do with a dozen more sacks. The top bed in the potager is a hell hold of weedy nasties when the growing season gets going.

And this absurd early heat means that things are leaping into growth, way way too early.

I’m eating rocked with every meal. Scrumptious and not too peppery.

I have even found some coriander hiding in here as well. That’s a bonus.

So with the perpetual spinach, the Swiss chard, the rocket, some herbs and fennel I’m well set for the hungry gap that is to come.