Save the seeds

It’s not often you meet people who try to do themselves out of work. At the two different market stalls where I buy occasional tomatoes they always tell me to save the seeds.

No F1 varieties here  that will not come true from seed next sowing.

These are tomatoes grown from seed from year to year by elderly market traders (these ones from Madame Orisette, the others from M. Bois) who are keen to share their secrets.

My tomatoes in the potager are fine; but I love these green ones. My lovely friend Robyn gave me some toms from her stock a few years back and I managed to keep the seeds for one year.   But I need to replenish.   And I do love these long cylindrical shaped ones.   And the noir de crime.

It’s just greed. I have enough of my own, but I just can’t resist more. And on that note I must remember to harvest some basil tomorrow. I need to make a new batch of pesto, along with enough leaves for a mighty tomato mozzarella and basil salad for lunch.