The Santa sack of Christmas delights

Happy Christmas everyone.

Santa’s sleigh made it over to this mountain top in the night. And look what delights are to be found in the Ikea Sack of Christmas Cheer…. weeds. Yay.

Have a rummage and see what you can find. Bindweed. Mmmm our favourite. And look Santa hasn’t forgotten that perennial wonder… the bramble, and stinging nettles too. Roots and, ouch, leaves.

Treats galore.

And no, I’m not gardening on Christmas Day. Its freezing for a start. A hard frost but all is sunny and chill. So I will be donning the jackets and gloves and going for a walk as soon as the mince pies come out of the oven.

But before I do. Here is the last bit of garden maintenance on the tricky soft fruit orchard. Just to complete the picture.


And a huge pile of non pernicious weedy mess that will be composted down to produce something useful in this useless area behind all the jostaberries, blackberries, red currants and black currants.

I’ve hidden all 15 metres (50 feet) under some old tarpaulins that were mooching in the stables, and I am planning to cover the whole thing with more bramble and bindweed resistant barriers later this winter. When I have worked out what on earth will keep out the feisty blighters.

But no one can gaze lovingly on plastic for even another day.

So where does one go for a quick fix cover up?  To the forest.


Wondrous warming work in the winter sunshine. Leaves.

So now I have almost but not quite hidden the hideous. More to do another day.

Happy Christmas everyone.