orchard haircutI’m just not in a good routine: I have had three weeks of entertaining and little time to sit down in the evening and write up the daily news.

But this will get back to normal tomorrow. Promise.

In the meantime some action shots of the worst thing to do while enduring hayfever season.

I have strimmed the steep bank of the orchard.  I was losing sight of the new trees through the thicket of weeds. potting shed plants

So down it all came. And I have raked the entire area and mulched heavily around each tree.

For the first time in years I actually have nectarines and peaches.  Both trees still have peach leaf curl, but I seem to be winning the battle for once. Let’s see if they make it to the ripe stage.

And while I was making a lot of noise in the orchard, Gillie was hard at work up in the potting shed.  Everything is neat and orderly at long last. And I can even see how few plants there are to get out into the garden now.