My rain gauge runneth over

Are you sitting down? Listen to this. I went to the rain gauge after a week away and found a whopping six and a half inches of water sloshing almost over the top of the gauge.

That’s ridiculous. But wonderful. Especially as I wasn’t here to watch it, wade through it or endure it.

This morning was brilliant low autumn light and calm weather. Perfect for just beetling about checking to see if the wild boar or badgers have been busy while I was away.

So far so good.  They are probably bathing beside the swollen rivers.

No damage to my newly planted hornbeams or Dry Garden shrubs.

In fact I was rather congratulating myself until I ambled up to the top potager.


Oh dear.

Is that wind damage? Snow? Rain? Inexpertly installed? Or all three.

I must ask Jean Daniel if we had any snow. I know that nearby (higher) villages copped it.

Still, this is part of my projects this week so I just started it a bit earlier than I planned.

I’ll need to cut back those crushed asparagus sooner than I would like; but I don’t think it’s fatal.

And I really need to weed the whole area. Fingers crossed the rain holds off. I need a good dry area to lounge about pulling out mess.

At least I finished the lavenders. I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.

And do let me know if you have any trouble reading this blog. I have written it entirely on my new bit of kit: a Macintosh laptop. It has been a steep learning curve after 25 years of relentlessly PCing my way to creativity.  The keyboard is smaller, more cramped. The controls all on a different side to what my brain is used to.  The photo sizes are a bit on the large size. Too long to download?

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that this is the start of the raking season. Lots to do. So I started on the easiest bit first: the walnut path.

More to do. Of course! That’s the perfect warm-up autumn chore ahead. That and getting used to warming the house with firewood.