Pool project

Gad, this task is giving me RSI. I have emptied a rather shameful folder called Unclaimed Pictures and am poised to launch them onto this site.

First up is the before, during and after of a small area of the swimming pool landscaping project. Weeds just about summarised what this area looked like last month.

So much soil was washed down to this part of the decking during last year’s autumn flood that the inevitable happened: lush growth of unwanted greenery.

I needed to pull up the weeds, pluck each and every pebble out of the walkway. And then put down some weedproof fabric.

And this was hot work. I tended to try and get some of the pebbles out before the sun rose over the mountain each morning. But I just plain ran out of time and then had to swelter and get the darn thing done. Being good, I had to pluck them out one by one and not even think of overloading any wheelbarrow and then trying to lift. So it was tedious.   But look at the results. Neat and tidy; just the way one likes ones pebbles and paths to be.