Photo round up

cotinushrizMy photo folder is groaning with pictures. So today I thought we would have a pause from the chores and just have a slide show.

The iris season is fleeting. So I thought it best to post them now in mid May when they are at their best.

cotinusverticalThe thalictrum (that fluffy pink flower in front of the gorgeous cotinus) has an even shorter season. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment here.

I know, in Britain people have this plant going all summer.  So I have to appreciate it while I can.  I used to have a lot of them in the shade garden. Until the mole rat ate the roots. So this is the last plant, hidden in the hedge.


I’m going to try and build up stocks of this gorgeous purple iris.  And try and give away more of my yellows. They are popping up everywhere. In between the santolinas on the barn garden bank.


Never mind. This is the season where you have to focus on the bigger picture. And try not to get too distressed by the weeds.


One of my preferred weeds – the stachys byzantina gets pruned and rogued out of the path by the simple expedient of shoving them in any flower arrangement I have going.



I didn’t do a very good job displaying these weeds – the valerian (centranthus rubra) is actually quite red before it opens out into full flower. And turns a rather bland pink.  I have shoved in some rocket flowers, and cotinus flowers in this one. I love my cotinus flowers. What a shame the five shrubs I have are so small that I can’t raid them for many bouquets.  But I’m enjoying this potful.


Okay, enough colour, back to the dirt.