The last holiday hurrah

I was going to title this: ‘the last holiday shots before we climb back into the septic tank’. But I didn’t think that would give you any incentive to click and look.

In fact I was going to miss out on the Girona holiday snaps altogether. I’m back home, after all. But every time I add yet more septic tank shots to my Folder I keep seeing images of walls and edifices and gardens and glam. And seafood.

So in the spirit of putting off one’s homework I’m going to delight us all with what we prefer to see.

Another Girona post.

I have learned that one great thing about Girona is you get to be a kid again. If your knees and hamstrings are up to the deed all you have to do is see a staircase and what happens? You twinkle up. Or down. The spirit of adventure never palls. Even on the rickety ones.


I ventured beyond the city walls again this trip. Up above the town. And you get to play that fun On Holidays Game of ‘I could live here.’ And ‘this one, I’ll take this one’.

Especially if the house has doors as stunning as these.

And even in town you can do the ogling of the Maso architecture.


Footsore and weary there just seems to be yet another gasp moment.

But in case you think I was only on the outside looking in, I leave you with a lovely shot from Meg and Rich’s terrace overlooking the town. How wonderful to make new friends in a new town. A place we are certain to return.


Best cup of tea with a view yet!