Last flowers

last dahlias garden1I keep saying this, but I really do think this is the last week for flowers.  The autumn is lingering and we haven’t had the first frost yet. But we are not far off.

So I had best capture the images of my flowers in the garden before they are gone.

I’ve done a thorough weeding of the bed and the self seeding cosmos are up already. I’ll overwinter those in the ground.  In previous years I would have been programmed to uproot them and pot them up and leave them in the potting shed.

But intervention is not needed here. If we get a freezing winter and they keel over, then they weren’t meant to survive. I’ll no doubt have more seeds germinating in spring when it’s more propitious to have the little plants come into growth. last dahlias 1

Most of them are destined for the village planting scheme anyway. I seem to have gone off cosmos this year. Mainly because they last so little time in the vase.  I can’t be guaranteed more than a few days before their heads droop and they have to be yanked out of the bouquets.

Zinnias now. What doers. And the dahlias will easily give me a week of pleasure.  So the fewer self seeding comos the better methinks.

I would normally keep these flowers to make up some bouquets for my friend at the market on Thursday. But I warned them last week that we were on the last ones. So may I please be greedy and keep all these gorgeous blooms for myself this week? Flowers for the house. Covering every surface and vase.

last dahlias gardenlast dahlias