House arrest

marsanoux garden plan 030313One is obliged to stay in.  One has read all the magazines and books one dares. (I am supposed to be researching the French Wars of Religion after all).   So as a mini distraction I have updated my garden plan. It is starting to look very busy.

But pleasing.

And to continue with the black and white theme; herewith my potager plan for 2013. potager 2013I have a feeling I have posted an image of it already, but I don’t want to waste (spend) more of my time rootling and a rummaging in my blog back issues.

I lost of bit of text off the bottom.  That is where my deer proof cosmos varieties will go.  Well, they are not entirely deer proof when small; but once they take on statuesque proportions, the deer seem to have trouble reaching the juicy veg behind them.

The look I am aiming for is a cosmos prison. And if the flowers germinate and grow the animals ought to run a mile from something as ridiculous as Cosmos Bonbon Snow Puff. And Fizzy Fizzy. I would.