Hornbeam hedging work

hedge beforeYou saw the dawn work. Now meet the 9pm weeding and watering work.

Actually I took this in the morning when the sun was just starting to peep over the mountain.  But it gives you an idea of the area that needed work.

This is the hedge that sits to the left of the barn garden, and above the iris bank and below the walnut bank.  Sorry that sounds convoluted. No need to click back to the map.

This is a relaxing blog. Almost as relaxing as the actual work.hedge after

A sit down job. And in the cool of the evening too.  The bank has suffered similar neglect as the oak bank.  The hornbeam hedge – about 16 trees but I haven’t counted – was doing quite well.

Some of the newly planted hedge trees are just romping away. No sign of heat distress or lack of water. And yes, I must admit I haven’t been watering diligently.

I suspect I was beguiled by the lush growth of the hornbeams I walk past on my way up the walnut path and the top of the garden garden.

But I haven’t been really studying the trees in front. They are on the more freely draining part of the bank – thin soil and rocks and not much more than brambles holding the bank together.

hedge horizOne tree may be dead. I’m too scared to look too closely yet. And some are very crisp.

But with a solid session of weeding and then a very serious deep watering of every shrub I have hopes I can revive a few of them.

One ironic thing is the weeds were very easy to remove. They too are suffering in the drought. Who ever thought of these fast annual weeds shriveling before they set seed?

I merrily pulled them out and dropped them on the path below.

By now it was getting close to 10pm and Artur was bored watching me water.  I should, of course, have picked up all the bramble tendrils and weeds straight away.

But no. I came inside.  I’ll be suffering when I pick them up in the blasting heat tomorrow. And mulch will be on my mind. This bank needs about three inches of thick chipped branches to lock in the moisture and prevent more of these late night weeding sessions.