Greetings from the internet free zone

Curses. I have no internet or phone.

This brief missive is being brought to you via the cramped surroundings of the library next to the mayor’s office in our village.

Our side of the mountain has been a phone and internet free space since Sunday night. Luckily the other side of the valley is not affected.

Thin walls means the signal will reach this far in the kiddie seats around the very low tables. It’s quite a zoo next door with everyone else either chatting or logging on and generally making a din.

So I’m sending this brief electronic wave. And all being well news will flow.

If I get up super early I can have my walk done and the mower put away before it gets too painful to be out.

The mulberries are ripe. The deer are feasting.

It’s still stinky hot. But storms are merrily predicted to bring havoc this afternoon. At least I won’t have to worry about lightning striking the signal box and taking out the internet.

That seems to have been taken care of in last week’s biblical storm.

At least with this gorgeous outlook I get to see the boiling clouds coming.