Eating weeds

weeding potager 1I’ve just had the most delicious meal of twice cooked red Swiss chard. Blanched first and then stir fried with garlic, pine nuts and chilli flakes.

Not bad for weeds from the potager.

Yes I have finally attended to the weeds.  I spent the afternoon pulling out unwanted coriander plants, poppy plants, bindweed, you name it, it went onto the growing compost heap.

The swiss chard came from a meticulous weeding of the brassica beds.  I cut back any plant that would rob the brassicas of light and food.  So back I came at 7pm with an armful of chard.

And with the new gaps in the brassica bed I planted out 11 more plants from the stock in the potting shed. weeded cabbage

It looks neat and tidy now.

And a bit bare. I decided to plant out five tomato plants in the far right top bed. It joins the aubergines which are just starting to fruit.

I need to sow more parsnips as they didn’t take early this year.  And possibly more carrots. But I’m wary now that I know the mole rat is sharing my garden.  Carrot roots are just about the rat’s favourite snack.

lawn returnsIt was drizzly and rather cool today. Perfect weather for weeding. But I wasn’t able to harvest my lavender (a major chore) as it was just too damp.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get out the secateurs tomorrow first thing.  And mow the first terrace. And strim. I foresee a busy day ahead.

One thing I do every day is admire the lawn. What a lazarus. Brown and parched a week ago, now bouncing back.