Cutting garden flowers


I’m up super early and enjoying some calming views over the mountains. We are having a bout of wild weather at the mo. Biblical downpours, flashes and roars of lightning and thunder.

The garden is getting good soaking rain; as is the gardener when caught outdoors.


So the drought has broken.  And the timing isn’t the best for my lovely house guests, but they are plucky Aussies and aren’t put off by mad weather.

In the potager the flowers are coming into bloom and I thought we would have a photo essay today.  Focussing on the perennial plants which are first into growth.


Achillea, drumstick alliums, crocosmia and of course the mighty dahlias.

If you are growing flowers for cutting, then it just saves you a lot of effort to have these little beauties do their own thing each year.  The dahlias weren’t lifted, and have adapted well to their life inside large plastic buckets with lots of holes drilled into the base.

The mole rats don’t seem to like my drumstick alliums. And the achillea and lovely crocosmia are bomb proof.

bouquetThrow in some asparagus fronds and you have easy bouquets.

And while down in the potager, grabbing armfuls of flowers, it’s not hard to reach for raspberries, jostaberries, or cramming one’s pocket with beans.  I love this time of year.