Barn garden tamed

IMG_3757When I close my eyes I see weeds.

I had set a task to weed some segments of this huge garden next to the barn.  It is divided into three parts: the upper part on a slope, and the two lower skinny beds which bisect the path that leads to the potting shed and the pool.

The sun was shining, Artur was supervising, birds were singing and the weeds came up so easily.

If you had to enjoy weeding this was about the best it can get. before barn garden

And I realised that I hadn’t weeded this upper part of the garden last year. Some of the weeds were trying hard to turn into shrubs. But out they came.

It was a bit tricky creeping in among the shrubs and beautiful irises and trying not to step on newly propagated baby santolinas and lavenders.

But I managed to get it done before lunch.

weeded garden 1And then it was the easier job of working my way through the flat bits of the skinny beds.

I need to give everything a good water today – the newly transplanted catmint plants look thirsty.

And then in the late afternoon I had a rush of blood to the head and decided to clear all the weeds off the steps.

These steep and rickety steps are positively dangerous.  But every now and then you need to take a shortcut and zip up them to reach the walnut path. weeded steps

Coming down is much more playful.

If I could I would hide them in some suitable way.  But that is too tricky right now. It would Require Thought. And my brain has fried from the sun.

Onwards and upwards.