Autumnal projects

orderly vegI really should try to come up with something more pithy for the headline today, but I can’t think of one right now.

It has been an odd day. Heavy rain.   Well 14mm which is great news and might wash away some of the powdery mildew that I spotted on the pumpkins in the vegetable garden and tricky as I had planned so much weeding.

But instead I did what all good gardeners do in inclement weather: I   lurked in my potting shed. And it was marvellous. cuttings sept

Lots of sorting of pots and tidying and even some propagating. I’ve potted on some of the little buplureums that I sowed last month, and pricked out some of the eucalyptus seedlings.   The Sturts Desert Peas look exactly like peas (funny about that) but aren’t ready to move up a grade of pot yet.

And in between showers, I dashed out to the calabert garden and took yet more cuttings of the santolina plants.   And the perovskias (Russian sage) which have looked so great.   I wanted to take some cuttings from the caryopteris as well, but it’s flowering like mad and there are no suitable branches for me to cut.   A perfect little plant.